Sound On Sound Off


We’re reimagining exactly how the innovators and arbiters of fashion come together. No longer just a traditional trade-event, COTERIE exists to unite the fashion industry at large.

Since its inception in 1986, COTERIE has brought fashion’s biggest talents together to not only imagine, but actively create the trends of tomorrow. And in bringing together the fashion industry’s power players and brilliant minds, COTERIE has always served as the space where that change can happen — through exploration and connection.

As consumer demands shift to prioritize transparency and authenticity, we’re shifting too — creating space for our customers to share their stories. The new era of COTERIE New York is about redefining connection – not just between businesses to businesses, and buyers and sellers – but most importantly, people to people. It sits within an intersection where energies, lifestyles, culture, and fashion meet and fuse.

It’s COTERIE as you know it, but not as you’d expect it.


COTERIE has called NYC home. The city’s energy, drive, and distinctive style have helped to shape us into a premiere event for those all around the country and abroad who want to explore what fashion has to offer. Brands from Paris and Milan are known for their elegance and sophistication, but it’s New York City that knows how to make them cool.

As a city that’s dynamic and ever-changing, it’s the ideal place for COTERIE — you’re experiencing fashion exactly where the most important shifts are happening.

Nestled between bustling downtown and the comforts of uptown, and adjacent to public transportation, and the vibrant shops and restaurants of Hudson Yards, our event location makes the most of what the city has to offer.

Ultimately, New York City is a place for discovery, whether that means finding the next emerging fashion brand, a locals-only restaurant, or a casual concert on the street. Here, a little curiosity can take you a long way.


“It’s not just the journey, but the friends we make along the way”

Bringing together the best advanced contemporary brands, retailers, experts, influencers, COTERIE New York is where relationships are fostered on an individual and intimate community level, and where the industry can converge to share information, grow, and evolve. Community and culture are at the heart of the new era of COTERIE New York.

We connect the need-to-know brands and in-the-know experts who have the power to transform fashion’s future.

Through our international community of buyers, brands, influencers, media, and stylists, new ideas and opportunities are born.


Experiences should feel immersive and impactful, which is why we’re reimagining the ways that you move through and engage with us, both online and offline.

Our mission is to connect the dots across the most important topics and challenges facing fashion, and for us that means focusing on two key ideas moving forward: sustainability and technology.

No longer just a buzzword, sustainability is the present and future of fashion. We’re committed to showcasing the best sustainable contemporary brands and addressing key issues through our on-site experiences and live programming.

And while in-person collaboration will always be at the heart of COTERIE, we know that technology and digital experience are key parts of fashion’s future, whether that be through digital fashion, Web3, or new retail technology. Our future blends together the impact of real-life interaction with the potentials of the online world.

Take a look at last season’s schedule for an idea of what’s to come this September:
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